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Think Small - The Importance of Supporting Small Businesses

At Plum Boutique, we do our best to carry products from local, small, and woman-owned businesses. Independent businesses are of utmost importance in our society and communities like Greenfield, MA. The effects of these businesses touch more than just your wallet, they extend into the community, the neighborhood and your local culture.

The quality of our products and the care that goes into selecting them is a reflection of the brands we partner with. Our selection of whimsical home decor, unique apparel and small-batch jewelry comes from their creative minds and acts as an extension of our own. We hope that the excitement that comes from working with like-minded brands, and the love for our customers enhances your shopping experience. Plum Boutique is not only a retail destination in the Pioneer Valley, but a source of inspiration, enrichment and of course, fun!

We believe independent businesses, like our own, ground communities and introduce much needed originality and color. They aren’t held back by the constraints of corporate ideals. They create much needed jobs and reciprocal community relationships - local businesses are more likely to utilize the services of other local businesses. Independent businesses that provide a unique shopping experience also encourage tourism, which directly impacts the local economy.

Supporting local and small businesses are an easy way to support and invest in the future of your own community.

Let us know your favorite local/independent businesses in the comments below!

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